anthena gore

social impact : sustainability : systems-oriented design

social impact

The focus of my strategy work is increasing the social impact of intentional public interest, energy, and economic initiatives across all communities. I am an unyielding advocate for cultural competence, economic inclusion and clean and affordable energy access.


The crux of sustainability is buildings relationships that continuously yield opportunities to thrive. I help organizations build relationships, collaborate across seemingly disparate sectors, and facilitate honest dialogue for solutions building. I provide technical assistance in crafting sustainability plans, specifically focused on climate action and adaptation, social responsibility, and the investments necessary to reap long term benefits.

systems-oriented design

As a systems-oriented designer, I help people and organizations evaluate relationships, contexts, content, and processes that influence their work to identify levers for systems change. Critical to my practice is the concept of culturally-informed systems thinking, and the promotion of respect for diversity of experiences and lifestyles in parallel to equity.